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Installing Killmarks

Although it can seem slightly confusing or daunting at first, installing mods is actually pretty easy.

  1. First off you want to find out where you installed CrossFire to. Note that this is not the folder found in your My Documents folder but the folder in your Program Files folder.
  2. Next download the killmarks you wish to use.
  3. Extract the files from either the .ZIP or .RAR you downloaded. You need WinRAR to extract .RAR files, it can be found here.
  4. Most killmarks only have a Mark folder while some have both a Mark and a Scripts folder.
  1. Now go back to where your CrossFire installation folder was, you want to navigate to the rez folder.

  1. Once in the rez folder go to the UI folder.

  1. You now want to copy the killmark folders you downloaded to your UI folder.
  2. It will ask you if you want to Confirm Folder Replace, select Yes (if there is the option to Do this for all current items then be sure to check it).
  3. It will then ask you if you want to Copy files. Select Copy and Replace and be sure to select the Do this for the next # conflicts.

…and you’re done! Launch the game and test out your killmarks!

This tutorial will work on every version of CrossFire as the folder structure is the same, all you need to find is where you installed the game.