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Converting Old Killmarks

Software needed:

Paint.NET (free download, you can of course use something like Photoshop but this tutorial is for Paint.NET)

This tutorial will show you how to fix any kill marks that were made BEFORE the badges update. The only marks that you need to change are the ‘badge_multi1.tga’ to ‘badge_multi6.tga’. All the other marks still have their original sizes or do not need to be changed.

  1. Open your pre-badges kill marks with Paint.Net.
  2. Select Image from the menu at the top and then click ‘Canvas Size’.

  1. By default pre-badges killmarks will have a size of 96 by 96 pixels. Make sure you have ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ ticked then change the width to 158 pixels, the height should change accordingly.

  1. Press the middle button on anchor and then press OK.
  2. It should give your canvas a white background like so:

  1. Next pick rectangular select from the tools list and then change the selection mode to ‘Invert (“xor”)’.

  1. First use the selection tool to select the entire area of the image, then select the area within the current selection where the killmark is. It should now only have selected the area around the killmarks (the white background).

  1. Press delete and it should remove the white background.
  2. Next press save and select 32bit on ‘Bit Depth’, then press ok.

  1. Repeat these steps with the 5 other kill marks.
  2. Done! If the kill marks aren’t already in your rez\UI\Mark folder then copy them across to it.