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(working) CF German Totalconversion / CF Launcher

Home Forums Modding Progress (working) CF German Totalconversion / CF Launcher

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    Hi there,

    i’m going to launch a CrossFire (NA primary) Totalconversion (Translation) in German, so all Files are included.
    There is a Launcher, too – so you are Able to set the Language you want.
    This Conversion includes something like an Clear Half-Transparent UI with translations.
    So there are some more Options you can Choose like:

    –Languageselect (German/English)
    —SoundpackSelect [YouTube Pack (everyoneisgosu), Standart, Germanpack]
    —-ProModUI (No Revenge, Kill, Headshot whatever icons displayed)
    —-ProModSound (No FallDamageSounds, No EnvSounds)
    —-ProModRadio (No Useless Radiomessages)
    —-ProModExtended (No Revenge, Kill, Headshot or any Marks, No FDS, No EnvSounds, Radiomessages etc.)
    —-NoFemaleVoice (All Voices are Male, StandartRadiopack only)
    —-NoMaleVoice (Same but twisted)
    —-NoAlienVoiceF(No Female Alienvoice, just Male)
    —-NoAlienVouceM(No Male Alienvoice, just Female)
    —-NoAlienVoice (Replaced voice with normal Voice)
    —-NoAlienVoiceMale (Replaced voice with normal MALE Voice)
    —-NoAlienVouceFemale (Replaced voice with normal FEMALE Voice)

    Also Included is a Tool-Edit
    —Unlock 1920 x 1080 Resolution
    —Unlock Playershadows
    —Fully Customize CF-Config before Launch
    —Display CF-Version – Supported Version – Current Version
    —Forum/Board – Connection
    —Newsletter/E-Mail Broadsupport (Ger/US)
    —YouTube Support – (submit your Videos – let them Display in my Launcher)

    —KoreanMarksMod (CF kr)
    —HD-RealRankUp (MyCreation – VisMxOwnZ?>*)

    -Join My TS3 Server by clicking the TSĀ³-Join-Button to contact me (no 24h Support – Watch YouTube / Livestream)

    Many Many Many more Functions

    You know what? – All these Functions are available for CrossFire EU, too !


    Current State: Finished around 95% (CF NA ! – NOT EU! – No Current State for CF EU!)
    —Cause of CrossFire Updates – need to get fixed a bit (Achievements etc.)

    best regarts from Germany

    VisM.OwnZ?>* / Clan GermanDef* / YouTube: everyoneisgosu

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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