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Site Features Still to Come

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    Currently this is the list of features/projects I’m working on that benefit or change the site in someway.

    Mod sharing images

    Added! Check them out by hitting “Share This Mod” on the mod pages.

    Unannounced Project

    This is something I’m working on that will work directly with your computers. Hopefully it’ll make using mods a whole lot easier.

    Better Backend

    This…. will be done at some point. It is something I do want to get implemented and sorted, would allow for moderators/other people to accept mods. The current system is fine for myself but the level of security required is too high for me to be passing around.

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    contact me directly

    Yes, I wish it is easy to see and download Mods
    hope for more colorful of this site



    All these features have now come and gone lol. The unannounced project was ModHub Downloader. :)

    contact me directly
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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