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ModHub Downloader Suggestions?

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    Hey Rory, Just downloaded it today, working pretty sweet! :D ^^
    I just got some few suggestions for you, I just thought of it, Please use them or if you’re already adding them still :)

    - Add back & forward buttons
    - Adjustable Size, like Full screen or Windowed Mode xD

    OOHHH LOL I just realize you have a Setttings tab coming soon xD hhahahhaa
    Nvm then, If you dont have those suggestions I listed above in the settings tab, you should add them in ;)

    Thanks —



    Adjustable size/full screen isn’t something I plan to do or add to the Downloader. I may be including a feature to have fullscreen/full size imagery popups on the Downloader but that’s about as far as I’ll be going on the size front I’m afraid.

    Back/Forwards buttons are a possibility, I’ll have to work out a logical way of doing them/placing them into the program. It may be I include the category in the title up top so that you can click back to it :) .

    I’ll put up a thread in a sec of the overall suggestions/features I plan to add.

    contact me directly


    Alright, thanks :D (Y)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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