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How to make Custom Killmarks and sounds?

Home Forums Modding Request How to make Custom Killmarks and sounds?

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    Hello Im new here, I Want to make my Own Custom Killmarks and Sounds.
    Can someone help me?



    you can download and install gimp from gimp.org for free and then you just go to the marks folder in crossfire(where the killmarks are stored and open them in gimp, then you can edit them in gimp, then when you’re done go to export(in the first menu), and select .tga under “choose file type”

    (gimp is like photoshop but for free so it won’t be as easy as paint)
    if you wan’t to make them the easy way:
    you can draw your killmarks in paint with the same image size as the regular killmarks image size, (idk what it is just open them in gimp and check how many pixels the image is in width and height)
    then when you have drawn your image in paint save it and just open them with gimp, go to Export and then go to select file type and select .tga



    about sounds, just search for a free sound editor, in the Z8games\CrossFire\rez\snd2 are all the sound files you can edit
    oh yeah and the .tga files are in the Z8games\CrossFire\rez\mark folder

    in paint you can see the width and height pixels in the right under corner when resizing the bitmap



    there are some sounds which are very much protected, so you can’t edit sounds like ghost breath, because otherwise you could make it sound really loud and clear, which would make it easy to find ghosts



    To make a Killmark you can use Photshop/Gimp
    To get the Killmark itselft go to this directory : C:/Program files/Z8games/crossfire/rez/ui/mark
    C:/Program files(x86)/Z8games/crossfire/rez/ui/mark
    then you can edit it easily and save it as .TGA , however you will need to get to the scripts.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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