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Full Patch List

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    This list can be found on the home screen of the Downloader.

    Version 054
    - Fixed an issue with mod IDs not working correctly.
    - Fixed an issue with user account validation.
    - Fixed an issue where fonts would be out of place on certain systems.
    - Fixed an issue with the CF settings page incorrectly displaying bullet holes and smoke.
    - Changed the loading symbol.
    - Slightly changed the layout of single mod pages.
    - Updated patcher visuals and patching method.
    - Added the settings menu. More options will be added soon.
    - You can now skip install confirmation messages.
    - You can now automatically vote for items as soon as you install them.

    Version 053
    - Fixed the connections between the server and client. If the site is up then so is the client!
    - Fixed the font issue, it changes depending on your operating system.
    - Updated some logo and ModHub related visual items.
    - Improved connections to be more secure and efficient.
    - Removed dependencies on strange ports. The client is more likely to work on a larger number of networks.
    - Changed the layout of the singular mod displays.
    - Changed the location of the minimize/close buttons.
    - Changed the minimize animation.
    - Added voting to mods.
    - Added the ability to change your CrossFire Settings to the menu. Each item includes a small description of what it does.

    Version 052
    - Fixed an issue with navigating through single mods.
    - Fixed an issue with strange characters appearing in the news.
    - Changed the font to match the site.
    - Included patch notes into the program so you know exactly what has changed!
    - Added the sound mods section, includes an option to install to male or female sounds if the mod allows it.
    - Added a bug report button to the menu.

    Version 051
    - Fixed installation process.
    - Fixed UI mod installation.

    Version 050
    - Initial Beta release.

    contact me directly
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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