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When using ModHub you are accepting that:

  • ModHub may use cookies to provide a more tailored experience such as showing site information and helpful tips.*1
  • Some of the features of the site are not available to everyone unless registered due to permissions and certain user-only parameters.
  • Adverts and other third party interactions are beyond the control of the site. Any personalisation is down to Google’s own history, not ours.
  • Google Analytics and AWStats software is used to track and log site usage including data such as IP and location.
  • Mod searches may be logged to improve the experience that the user (yourself) receives.

*1 Note these are all first party items and do not use outsourced data. None of the data stored with cookies has any personal or identifying information.

When you register for an account on ModHub you are accepting that:

  • ModHub holds full rights and ownership of your account.
  • Anything that you post or do on the site can be logged and recorded.
  • You are of at least 13 years of age (the same age required to play CrossFire).
  • You will not disrupt the site, spam, abuse members or generally be rude.
  • You are not to promote or talk about illegal activities. This includes and is not limited to; hacking, cheating, anything that can lead you to a ban on games, torrenting licensed software or digital property and/or selling illegal or fake items.

When registering via Facebook you are accepting that:

  • Your Facebook profile picture will be used as your avatar on the site.
  • Your name and email will be used for profile creation with no other data being used.
  • Your Facebook account will be accessed when you view the site to make sure the details are correct and valid.

When you submit a modification to ModHub you are accepting that:

  • ModHub can change or remove files from your submission before being accepted.*2
  • Anything you submit that is not labelled as a ‘legal’ modification can and will be passed on to the game masters and could lead to an in game ban.
  • Not everything will be accepted, if you are copying someone else’ modification it will generally be rejected.
  • Mods that include advertising to or have information about hacking websites will not be accepted.
  • If your mod is broken it will be removed without notice.
  • You will be banned if you leech someones work (put your name on someone else’ work).
  • Your mod will not be put on the site if you state you do not know who the original creator is, you must be the original creator or post a link to the original place of posting.

*2 This will generally be large unnecessary image files that are included in the file. This reduces download space and server space. If you intend to include a ‘copyright’ or ‘note’ with your mod please do so via a .txt or document rather than an image.

When you download a modification from ModHub you are accepting that:

  • ModHub holds no responsibility for any problems that you may encounter if you install a modification incorrectly.
  • Anything that you change on top of the original mod you downloaded is completely your own choice and not ModHub’s responsibility.
  • Downloading and installing a mod that is outdated is your own decision and any errors that occur are your own responsibility.

When you use the ModHub Downloader you are accepting that:

  • Data such as searches and server requests may be logged to ensure the best experience possible.
  • ModHub holds every right to remotely disable access to the Downloader at any time.
  • Patches and updates will be automatically downloaded and installed to your computer without warning.
  • Not everything can be assured to work 100% correctly on every machine. Unfortunately I’m not made of money and can’t test it on every type of machine combination out there!


Note that this policy is subject to change at any time. It is the users responsibility to keep track of it.

Policy last updated 24th June 2013.