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Mod Rating Returns!

Yes I did say it was one of the features that would most likely not be returning but hey!

Each mod now has a button to +1 that mod, if you like the mod then be sure to +1 it when you view it! The button for +1′ing a mod is under the title of the mod on it’s page with one button for the whole mod. The total number of +1′s is shown on both the mod page itself and also on each mod list which should make it easier when looking the best or good mods!

You do have to be logged into vote a mod, if you’re not you won’t even see the option :) .¬†Each user can +1 a mod only once and, unlike the old system, you cannot down vote mods. Down voting pages was incredibly abused, if you don’t like it then don’t vote, simple.

Hopefully you’ll all find this makes browsing through mods a bit easier (obviously not instantly but when people have +1′d the ones they like :P ).




Me gusta.