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Something’s a Bit Different Here..

After what would seem about 5 months of complete inactivity on the site, ModHub has now been completely and utterly revamped from the ground up! The new system offers better viewing, easier downloading and a better base powering everything, all of this creating a far better and more reliable site that (hopefully!) removes all the issues of old site!

Now first off everyone is going to have re-register your account, none of the old accounts are being carried over to the new site. You will need to use a valid email although this time people using Yahoo and other similar services should now receive the activation email! The full list of changes are as follows:

  • New mod system and database, multiple ways to share mods with more being adding soon. This also means mods are easier to process onto the site allowing for quicker submissions!
  • New site system and user system, more flexibility and a more reliable registration process.
  • New mod submission, easier, more simple and¬†standardized.
  • New forum system.
  • New avatar system called Gravatar, if you sign up or change your email to an email already registered with Gravatar you will automatically get your avatar.
  • New help/reporting system, see a broken mod or something that isn’t as it should be? Report it! (being added shortly, need to change a few things for it :P )
  • New comments system.
  • New tutorials and other helpful things coming soon!

Now although there are a large number of additions there are also some features that have been removed from the site due to certain reasons. Most of these features I have little interest in bringing back at the current moment. They are:

  • Shoutbox removal. A large amount of the time it was being filled with random spam or stuff in other languages, all of which could be done via the forums.
  • User points removal. They started out as a nice idea but ended up confusing people and not working in the way I wanted them to.
  • Mod rating system removed. Largely abused for little to no reason, this is why we can’t have nice things.
  • 7zip files removed. Gone back to just ZIP/RAR/EXE, doesn’t really do a great deal compression wise and these are more common!

There are some things that are still yet to be added back to the site such as the ribbon checker, fan site kit etc. but the majority of it all is here!

So with the final words I hope everyone enjoys the new site and finds it much nicer and more efficient to use! :D

Oh and a huge thanks to LobsterMts who was going around breaking the new site so I could fix it before you lot do! :P

-Rory/Rorzer owner and creator of ModHub.



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Looks great! :)


Fucking Gravatar….


Good job man.




Way better. :)


This is Nice For CF Adiks!


its great