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ModHub Downloader Now Available!

Download it here!

Yep that’s right, the ModHub Downloader is now available for public download and use! :)

The client includes multiple features to make CrossFire modding easier and quicker for everyone. I’ve got plans to include multiple more features and improvements as time goes on so don’t worry if you think it’s lacking in something at the moment.

The full feature list is as follows:

  • Download and install mods with a single click.
  • Install mods directly from the site or anywhere on the internet with the new modhub:// protocol.
  • Vote on mods and automate certain site features.
  • Backup your game to prevent corruption during modding.
  • Change all of your CrossFire settings without launching the game.

It’s taken a while to make and I hope you all find it useful!

Have fun!



Jerry Claro


Dilan Alexis Gutierrez QuiƱones

Nice !!!:$

Larry Dave Domingo

Teach me plsss …….


thanks u po :D


salamat po talga :D

Jhon Ernie Orocio

teach me plsss di ko alam eh
paano mag download at mag register ng acc fb lang kasi nilalogin ko dito eh

R-yaj HukaGeh Osias

okinayo han nga maawawatan daytoy@!!!!!!!!


awesome killmark

Anyare XD




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