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ModHub Downloader Launch!

The ModHub Downloader will be launching on November 4th for everyone to download and use!

With the recent 055 patch the client now includes every feature I planned to have before release, the next week and a bit will be used to squish any bugs left in the client before launch.

055 also allows you to download and install mods but still use the site to browse thanks to the new “Install with ModHub Downloader” buttons found on every mod. Don’t like the core client? That’s fine simply use the site instead!

Make sure you have .NET Framework 4 installed beforehand as the client requires it :) .

I can’t wait to finally push the software out to everyone, see you all on November 4th!



Ako Xii JV


Sasuke Antonio Darlo

haha ang galing nto sana di na mawala toh


Lukas Santino Cruz

pano ba mag kill mark

Lloyd Christian So

haha igot it

Lance Jomher Seron

haha nc

Douleurs Habib

hhahahah awesome !

Jan Cyrus P. Dones

pa ano ba download

John Allen A Ordonez

post kanang bagong chaet


Paano GamiTin


panu ba Itu gamitiN?

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