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New Submission Rule for Killmarks

Hey guys, from today onwards I’ll be implementing a new rule for submitting killmarks.

Although I’m not really fond of stopping people being creative, there is a point where the benefits become far less than the result. The rule is to do with the use of custom folder locations inside of the “Mark” folder for your killmarks.

When submitting killmarks you must have all the of killmark images within the base “Mark” folder ONLY.

I have had multiple reports of killmarks being placed within other folders and then causing multiple issues for people. I’m more than happy to accept mods that work correctly, however killmarks within different folders cannot be confirmed to work the different versions of CrossFire correctly. The other issue is that they are instantly broken as soon as any script changes happen (as seen recently with the transition to GameIn_EX.txt).

Hopefully it’ll make it a bit easier for everyone.



Princess Talabong San Andres

ang ganda gamitin hanep

Jericho Maravillon

hindi pa ako nakakagamit pwede mo ako turuan


masali lang po …


pano ba ?

Vhin Lopena

ganda nga eh………………

Bhosxgrace Jayr


Khaled Orabi


Vince Ludwig Bongcawil

oo nga bakit di mka register

Sanity Karl Bernales

how to download the file?

Jordan Batan

Pano ? Utot Ka Muna

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