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Search That Mod

Searching has once again returned to ModHub (yay).

If anyone remembers the old search system, they would know that it was rather clunky to say the least. The new search system hopefully removes these issues and provides a more relevant experience when searching for mods.

How different is the new search you ask? Well first off the search now provides more visual and statistical information about the mods when you search for them, allowing you to see before you try as such. The second main change is that you can now sort the results by either most downloaded or the highest voted, thus allowing for a choice of the most popular or the generally regarded better mod. The third main change is that it now only shows 10 mods per search, most of what you’ll be looking for will appear in the first few results so having an incredibly high number of results is fairly pointless (this number may be increased if it becomes noticeably annoying!).

Once the search has been used for a while I’ll be adding in popular and useful searches onto the main page to make it easier to see what you guys are actually looking for most of the time!



Warystoon Deejhay



Is ok

Aljie Angot Chuy

pano bato pa help

Leeonn Consul



Looking for the road paver


Hello is there’s anyone can help me here because every time I Click the killmarks at the top of this page and it will load up the page to go to killmark page and after a seconds I can’t see anything even the list of killmarks so what should I do? is it on my internet or its an issue that MobHub need to fix?

what answer How many colors does the ModHub logo have? (top left

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