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Status Update!

So a large number of people are probably wondering what is happening with the site as it looks like not much has happened for a while!

First off the main reason why nothing has really been happening is down to the fact I’ve been finishing off my first year of college. My actual work takes priority over my other coding items and projects which can usually cause some rather large gaps in ‘progress’.

The second reason is down to me finally creating a proper portfolio site that has taken a fair amount of time to finalise (which can be viewed here). It’s not quite finished yet so don’t be alarmed if it’s not working quite as it should be!

Anyway, past the excuses I’ll now give you guys a quick update on what features are going to be added to the site over the next few weeks.

First off I’ll be adding full site and client usage of the ModHub Downloader. The main difference with this will be that you will still be able to use ModHub (the site) to browse for and look at mods but you’ll then be able to download and install the mods through the ModHub Downloader. Not everyone prefers the way of browsing through the Downloader and this should eradicate those (sometimes!) janky moments people might have.

Secondly, I’ll be re-adding the search to the site. I know it has been a much requested feature ever since it was left behind with the site update and I’ll be returning it soon. I plan to drastically change it so it not only gives you a better set of results (making things quicker to find) but also gives a set of popular searches (also making things quicker!).

Thirdly, you’ve probably noticed the slight change to the sidebar that happened today. Yes, at the moment it looks very barren but I plan to use it for some content space at some point. What content I actually use is another matter but I’ll decide soon enough.

Lastly, yes, I know there are a large number of submissions currently sitting in the queue to be processed. I shall be sorting them over the coming week or so and properly dealing with them. Don’t worry about re-submitting, they are all there and will be actioned when I get to them!

This should give you guys a little bit of info and give you an idea of what’s to come (and yes this was a massive wall of text).




leave me


thank U VeRry mUcht

Hey man! Great to hear an update from you, really enjoying the site’s progress and also really nice looking port folio! You are a great artist man. Keep doing what you’re doing! -Danny

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