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That Mod Sure is Hot

Wahey, more new features.

From today onward you’ll be able to find “Hot” mods at the top of their lists making it much easier to find really good mods quickly.

To give you guys an idea as to how they work, they take the two latest mods (remember mods and different to pages!) and up to 8 other highly voted or high quality mods from the rest of the site. These mods then randomly rotate for you to give a slight bit of information and also a quick visual preview of the mod.

The flame at the side of each “Hot” mod either represents whether the mod is new or the total number of votes that single mod currently holds. Each of these updates every 2 hours so if you vote for something it will not update the hot mods count instantly!

Currently you can only find it on the Killmarks section but I shall be adding it to the others over the course of the week!

Hopefully you guys find it useful. :)



Eslam Saad



nice 1


Nc 1 !

Ramon Silva

muito bom


Nc 1 :)


ussa ´porra não consigo fazer dowload


heart 1 kill

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