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Reminder to Creators

A quick reminder to mod creators about their mods.

Please do not post ‘updated’ links to your mod in the comments that leads to a file hosting link, it will be removed.

I’ve seen a couple of people doing it recently, if you wish to update or include certain new bits to your existing mod simply re-submit the mod with a comment saying that it is an updated file.

While on the topic of submissions I would like to inform people that spam/pointless submissions are taken seriously and could lead to your account and/or your IP being blocked from the site permanently. They are a waste of time for everyone, don’t submit them.


Lazy][AnGeL - John

I did it too, and infact you deleted it. Well, good to know. :)

Niel Oporto


Bernard Christian Salupan

wow naman


Hey can someone make a back up file? for the kill marks 3/25/2013?

Sean Michael Bascug

its awesome





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