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M4A1-Iron Beast


CAlvin Keno G. Mateo

dali langyan ilagay search nyu nalang sa google sear nyu how to change killmark in cfph mga b obo

Marvinjoshua Prado

panget yan !! :P

Raniel Ringor

putang ina nyu sabi ERB

Kirollos Nabil

n1 n1

Kiszx Mouh Kouh

pano lagay ?


manood kayu sa youtube



Jp Saavedra

ang t4nga nyo…..nag modhub pa kayo….kung di kayo maronong mag lagay …nito kung saan!!!!

Miguel James Martinez

ung ibang nag dadownload wla naman M4A1-S-Iron Beast
para gumana punta kayo sa C:\Program Files (x86)\Crossfire PH\rez\UI\Mark
e extract nyo dun tapos Copy and Replace tapos na

Raniel Ringor

ok PoH

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