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Submission Guide

Submit a Mod

There are a few tips that you may want to follow when submitting modifications to ModHub, all of which are simple and logical which make it easier for you to submit your work and easier for us to accept it!


  1. Try to use a unique or different title, it sets your mod apart from the crowd and that’s how people will share it!
  2. Include the correct creator, if you created it then that’s fine but if you did not you must include a link to where you originally found the mod.
  3. A description is not necessary but it often helps give the user a bit of extra information before they download. Can be very useful if your mod includes certain things/requires the user to do something different!
  4. Try not to use large amounts of non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. *[]{}!;# etc), they don’t look very professional and can often give the wrong impression!

Images and Videos

  1. Almost any image host is perfectly fine to use, we will download the image to the ModHub server for when your mod gets accepted.
  2. Make sure your image or video is not set to private or to a specific user, if we can’t access it, we can’t accept it!
  3. Please use YouTube when submitting a video with a modification, we will directly embed the video into the mod page which gets you YouTube views too!
  4. You can submit multiple images or videos by using the extra information box, all extra images will appear as a link to the user.
  5. Please do not use filehosts for image uploading!

Suggested Image Hosts

  1. Imgur
  2. Photobucket
  3. Imageshack
  4. Tinypic
  5. Postimage
  6. Facebook (we will need the direct image URL when you submit it)


  1. All files must be in either a .ZIP or a .RAR file format.
  2. Please do not submit a folder of files from a file host, these require us to download each file separately (we will simply ignore it).
  3. All files must be uploaded to an external file host.
  4. Just like with images and videos, if the file is set to private then we can’t access it, therefore we can’t accept it!
  5. Please do not include preview images in your file, if you wish to include instructions/read me/creator information then please do so using a .txt document or other text based format.
  6. .EXE files will be rejected unless you have prior approval from any member of staff.
  7. If you are submitting a UI mod please only include the files that will be changed, bulk/unmodified files will be removed.
  8. Killmarks must have all of their image files within the main “Mark” folder ONLY.

Suggested File Hosts

  1. Mediafire
  2. 4shared
  3. Dropbox
  4. 2shared