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Mobile Help

The mobile version of ModHub can only be viewed on mobile devices, you cannot view it on a standard computer.

Although it can only be used on mobile devices, you can also view the standard site on mobiles too by using the switch at the bottom of any page.

The site should work with any modern mobile device however it has only been tested on Android and iOS.

Not every feature of the site is available on the mobile device as they are either not designed to work or do not work in the correct way with it. The list of features unavailable are as follows:

  • Forum
  • Mod voting
  • Tutorials
  • Help
  • The¬†left hand¬†sidebar

You can bookmark the site to your devices homescreen that will create a ModHub icon for quick access to the site.

Logging in, viewing and downloading mods and commenting is still fully functional on the mobile site.