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What is ModHub?

ModHub is a modification hosting, help and community site aimed at providing the most modifications for CrossFire on the net all in one place. It provides a safe and secure area for modders to host their creations with the intention of keeping the creator the forefront of the mod and reducing the numbers of leechers across the modding community. ┬áIf you see someone on a video or image using a modification such as killmarks or a custom UI then there’s a fairly high chance they got it here!

Who Runs ModHub?

Currently ModHub is run solely by Rorzer (otherwise known as Rory or [MOD]Rory on the Z8Games version of CrossFire). Every change to the site and mod submission passes solely through me.

What About the Files?

Everything that is found on ModHub has been thoroughly checked to remove everything, if anything at all, that could harm or damage your computer. All submissions pass through my (Rorzer) inspections before being published onto the site. Mods are provided in .ZIP or .RAR with files inside either being .TGA (the standard CrossFire mod image type), .PNG or .TXT (for any client “Script” files). .EXE files are only available on certain mods that are made by trusted or approved members, these mods often include extra things that do not directly affect your client (e.g. CF Tool is a standalone .EXE that edits your CrossFire settings file).

Little Bit of History?

ModHub was founded on the 10th of March 2011 starting off with nothing more than a simple free hosting and domain receiving little more than a few hundred hits a month. Now ModHub is reaching several thousand people a month and gaining hits across the web in the millions, full hosting along with several sponsored modifications plus a small backing from Z8Games. Being founded on the ideals of keeping the creator at the forefront of their modification it still keeps to that to this day. It’s your work, you created it and you want it to remain that way and there’s no better way to do so than to let everyone across the globe know so in one place.

Around 2,000 mods are downloaded every week from ModHub along with over 1,000,000 hits every month on pages and items across the site.