Well after a number of years (and several years without updates), ModHub has finally run it's course.

It was an enjoyable adventure from 2011 to around 2015, with over a million downloads and several hundred mods available. Downloads were still occurring right up until it met it's demise slightly earlier this year.

Thank you for all the support over the years; to everyone who submitted and created mods, all of the people who helped with the community, to everyone and anyone who downloaded a mod. None of it could have been achieved without your help.

Personally I am continuing with my studies, moving from; college, to university, and now a fully funded EngD for the next four years. In my personal time I'm developing my own game, utilising virtual reality (such as the HTC Vive and Daydream).

If you're interested in following my work, you can reach me via my personal website at https://rory.games.

- Rory

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