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State of AffairsThursday, January 16, 2014

Hello everyone!
Yes I’m aware it’s been a while since much has really happened on ModHub, there are several reasons for this that I’ll be discussing in a moment (this is a long post so be warned).
First though I’d just like to wish everyone a rather late happy new year, hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I for one did and I know a few others did as well!

Right then so first off I have been incredibly busy, I now have several other projects currently on the go including ModHub, all of which require time alongside of my job and education. College is in full swing and I’m getting near to the end of my two year course, after which I will be transferring onto university to continue my studies for a further four years after that.

The largest and most prominent project is something that will be launching later this year, something that will be far more adventurous, challenging and grand than ModHub is (and due to the niché nature of it what it ever will be unfortunately!). Most of my spare time has been devoted to this and will be for the foreseeable future (although post launch things should ease off a tad).

One thing I am going to state now is that development and upgrades to the ModHub systems are currently on hiatus. I’ve been doing this on my own for nearly 2 years now and I need to make and create something fresh and different. As much as I enjoy modding and creating for ModHub, I need to make something that doesn’t rely on a single entity for its workings and content. ModHub has created a vast number of opportunities and has helped progress my skillsets in ways I’d never have thought and I’m truly grateful for all your support over the years.

I’d like to re-assure people that yes mods will still be accepted onto the site, the process is relatively autonomous and mods can work with little human interaction (to get them from submissions to live). I will be going through them tomorrow (16/1) to see some of your guys amazing creations so expect a influx of submissions.

Finally I’d like to give my true and honest opinions on CF. CrossFire is a fantastic game to mod for, it’s incredibly easy and the rewards are very clear and apparent. The level of reach you can achieve with the game is on par with the latest AAA FPS games on the market, something very difficult to achieve these days. Communities big or small can be found everywhere, even if people do not inherently like the game you’re more than likely to find someone who knows of or has played the game for a fair amount of time. On the downside I feel the way the client is actually coded (UI and some of the game) is wrong in several ways, the UI can often be clunky and relies far too heavily on the initial launch, the overall organisation of certain files seems misplaced (things like the scoreboard are organised by the EXE but the escape menu system isn’t for example). The server tick rates aren’t particularly high, which cause the infamous hit reg issues but then that’s the trade off for having such a large number of gamers in one server, and there seems to be a disjoint between what should be client sided and what server sided.
I still think the game is enjoyable, challenging and difficult to master. The level of skill required does pay off and there’s a lot less luck compared to other large FPS games, there is still a lack of user options for things that would seem logical (more mode customisation) and there hasn’t really been a map to rival the originals.

tl;dr mods will be sorted, site development on hiatus, big project launching later this year, cf is still pretty swell.

Till next time.


ModHub Downloader Now Available!Monday, November 4, 2013

Download it here!

Yep that’s right, the ModHub Downloader is now available for public download and use! :)

The client includes multiple features to make CrossFire modding easier and quicker for everyone. I’ve got plans to include multiple more features and improvements as time goes on so don’t worry if you think it’s lacking in something at the moment.

The full feature list is as follows:

  • Download and install mods with a single click.
  • Install mods directly from the site or anywhere on the internet with the new modhub:// protocol.
  • Vote on mods and automate certain site features.
  • Backup your game to prevent corruption during modding.
  • Change all of your CrossFire settings without launching the game.

It’s taken a while to make and I hope you all find it useful!

Have fun!